Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shoe Collection!

ENJOY Friends! Read on...

Sequin shoes bring life to any outfit! These shoes make me smile...  Picked these out at a vintage shop in miami. 


Gold, classy, amazingly priced shoes! 80% OFF, need I say more? Had to add my favorite Chanel pearls I added to my collection from NY. 

Vintage record player, my favorite Christmas present. Years old, as good as new. Ridiculously amazing price for these gorgeous, 2-tone, T-strap shoes. 

My favorite spring shoe! Pink, my favorite color. Cotton candy pink shoe, with a dainty ruffle down the middle, and a classy ankle strap. iLike. Easy on the eyes... 

Shoes are God given creature comforts... <3


"One shoe can change your life."


  1. i love your shoes!

  2. Love it! and I agree, one shoe CAN change your life. An outfit is nothing without shoes!

  3. Thank you woman! :*D t'is true! lol
    I love you lady! You of all ladies know this to be true in your own life! ;)