Monday, August 2, 2010

4 days till we get MARRIED!

WOW. Time has FLOWN by. I've completed 3 semesters of Grad school. I've been engaged for 8 months to the man of my dreams and this Friday we're getting married. What an amazing journey this has been for us both. We never stop learning from each other, learning new ways to tackle tasks at hand, and new ways to handle all that life throws our way.

I could not imagine any other person in this world that completes me the way Roly does. I'm ecstatic, to say the least! Here are some inspirational photos that helped us create the theme to our wedding- Old Hollywood Glamour!

I CANNOT WAIT TILL THIS FRIDAY. Just trying to take in every moment here and NOW though. What do you think? Did you or would you have a theme to your wedding? :*)

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