Thursday, August 25, 2011

Coupon Clippin'

So... I've been learning new ways to save money. I've never been the "coupon" type but as of late, I've turned a new leaf.

I actually saved a $5 coupon that expired and when I went to customer service they took the coupon and gave me a $5 bill. Neat! Then we saved $30 at the end of our shopping spree which was pretty great!

I've heard some people actually get enough coupons to cover the entire cost! Which means $300 worth of coupons=free food. Pretty cool. With that said.... I'd like to share what I've learned about coupons! =) So check out below...

Organization is key!

With a little time and cutting away... you will be thankful for the $ you save!

The best places to find coupons are the following;

1. Sunday Newspaper (Classic!) You'll even find $5-10 off a min. $30 purchase.
2. Watch the 4 minute video after you register for free, it will change the way you shop!!!
3. Free, printable, easy to find coupons!
4. great printable coupons!
5. - fabulous site!

These websites came from a very helpful Publix employee who loves to save $ with coupons! Her advice, dedicate some time and you will definitely save mula!

Hope this helps! Happy Saving! =)

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